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Dr. Michael Greger, nutrition wiz & author of “How Not To Die”


Dr. Michael Greger—the physician, author, speaker, internationally-recognized expert on nutrition, and majordomo of—recounts how his Grandma’s story of being riddled with heart disease in her 60s, all but written off by her doctors, embraced the diet then being pioneered by Nathan Pritikin, saw her condition improve dramatically, living into her 90s, and in the process, inspired Greger to pursue a career as a doctor. Read more…

Panel Discussion on Service Animals


For today’s program, I opted to set aside our regular format, in favor of convening a panel discussion about service animals, propelled largely by the growing trend of people using bogus service animals and emotional support animals. Read more…

Jan Williams, Puppy Raising Expert for Southeastern Guide Dogs

WMNF Bruelle-Jan (crop)

In a wonderful, wide-ranging interview with guest host Lee (Flee) Courtney, Jan Williams—Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Area Coordinator for Puppy Raisers in Tampa—discusses the enormous array of challenges and rewards involved with raising a puppy to become a guide dog for a visually-impaired individual.

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Heide Illgen, a veteran trainer with Southeastern Guide Dogs


Heide Illgen–a dog trainer at Southeastern Guide Dogs, where she’s worked for nearly 20 years–discusses some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding guide dogs. She also explains the process and attendant timetable of a dog potentially becoming a guide dog, a tightly-scripted saga that begins with puppies that Southeastern breeds at their facility, volunteer puppy raisers and more, long before Heide or a fellow trainer would begin their work. Read more…