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Adam Sugalski, executive director of OneProtest


Adam Sugalski—executive director of OneProtest, a Florida-based advocacy organization perhaps best known for its high-profile, successful effort to help halt the Florida bear hunt—recalls how he first stepped into the role of advocate when, as a professional artist, he was invited to a circus protest and realized the appearance of the signs and other materials used at that demonstration could be made sharper, and more effective. Read more…

Paula Poundstone, comic and cat devotee

<> at The Ice House Comedy Club on July 12, 2012 in Pasadena, California.

Paula Poundstone—the veteran comedian perhaps best known these days as a regular panelist on NPR’s quiz show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me”—returns for her third appearance on “Talking Animals,” and we engage in a sprawling conversation that touched on a slew of topics, including ones you would expect (cats and comedy), as well as ones you might not anticipate, like the serious threat she thinks computers and other devices can pose to kids’ brains and development. Read more…