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Cheri Thompson, founder of Healing Species


Cheri Thompson–founder of Healing Species, a South Carolina-based program that plucks rescue dogs from shelters and places them in a school program designed to reduce aggression and bullying, while increasing empathy in those classrooms—discusses her formative years as an animal lover and being that kid who tended to sick or injured animals that turned up in the neighborhood. Read more…

JD Whitaker & Rhonda Reynolds, Sidecar Dog Riders


JD Whitaker and Rhonda Reynolds —motorcyclists with sidecars who ride with their dogs in their sidecars, and two of the 18 such folks featured in “Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs,” an extraordinary documentary WMNF was slated to screen July 28 (info here)—recall what first prompted them to get a sidecar. Read more…

Eric Ristau, co-director of “Sit Stay Ride”


Eric Ristau—co-director with his wife, Geneva, of “Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs,” a documentary about motorcyclists with sidecars, and the dogs who ride in ‘em—discusses the genesis of the film, which came about by happenstance, how at first they were thinking the topic probably constituted a short, but in conducting more interviews with sidecar dog devotees, realized they had a feature length doc on their hands. Read more…

Shari Duval, founder of K9s for Warriors


Shari Duval—founder and president of K9s for Warriors, which pairs veterans who suffer from PTSD and other wounds of war with rescue dogs who’ve been specially trained as service dogs to help these veterans function more effectively in civilian life—recounts how concern over profound changes in her son, Brett Simon, after he returned from two tours of duty in Iraq spurred her to launch the organization. Read more…

John Homans, author of “What’s A Dog For?”

john homans

John Homans–the longtime executive editor of New York magazine who published his first book, “What’s A Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man’s Best Friend”–discusses how he decided “What’s A Dog For” would represent his first foray into writing books.

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