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Paula Poundstone, comic and cat devotee

<> at The Ice House Comedy Club on July 12, 2012 in Pasadena, California.

Paula Poundstone—the veteran comedian perhaps best known these days as a regular panelist on NPR’s quiz show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me”—returns for her third appearance on “Talking Animals,” and we engage in a sprawling conversation that touched on a slew of topics, including ones you would expect (cats and comedy), as well as ones you might not anticipate, like the serious threat she thinks computers and other devices can pose to kids’ brains and development. Read more…

pattrice jones, cofounder of VINE Sanctuary

giving aftershock talk at Liberation Ecology conference, 2013

pattrice jones — cofounder of VINE (Veganism Is the Next Evolution) Sanctuary, a 100-acre facility in Vermont that describes itself as an “LGBTQ-run farmed animal sanctuary that has worked to build bridges between the animal advocacy and LGBTQ liberation movements”—discusses the impetus for launching in 2000, with cofounder Miriam Jones, what was then Eastern Shore Sanctuary, initially located in Maryland. Read more…