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Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, veteran veterinarian and comedian


Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald—a veterinarian for 35 years, featured on Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets,” which aired for 11 seasons—recounts his pre-vet, 25-year stint working security for Rolling Stones tours, and how that period ended when Keith Richards urged him to get on with his life, maybe go back to school. Read more…

Dr. Don Moore, wildlife biologist and polar bear expert featured on “Polar Bear Town”


Dr. Don Moore—who wears many hats, among them scientist, wildlife biologist, Oregon Zoo director, and expert on polar bears featured in “Polar Bear Town,” a Smithsonian Channel docu-series examining the annual migration of polar bears to Churchill, Manitoba—outlines when his interest in polar bears was piqued. Moore explains that his experience with bears traces back decades, noting that he began working with polar bears in parks and zoos in the 1990s. Read more…