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Amy Fultz, co-founder of Chimp Haven

Amy Fultz–a co-founder of Chimp Haven, the 200-acre Louisiana sanctuary for chimpanzees who had been used for biomedical research (and other purposes) before retiring to the facility–discusses the history of the facility, including the years of planning and research before they broke ground on the sanctuary. Read more…

Nelly McKay–Singer-Songwriter-Activist

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Nelly McKay–Singer-Songwriter-Activist Nellie McKay, a “Talking Animals” favorite (and our most frequent guest), helps mark the show’s fifth anniversary on WMNF with a typically wide-ranging discussion. Read more…

Dr. Jane Goodall


Dr. Jane Goodall, the primatologist and anthropologist whose study in the 1960s of chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania yielded pioneering findings, has since increasingly been viewed as a highly influential, heroic figure.
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Dr. Carole Noon–founder and director of Save The Chimps


Dr. Carole Noon–founder and director of Save The Chimps, the world’s largest sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, based in Fort Pierce, FL–discusses the formative stages of her career as a primatologist, the history and evolution of Save The Chimps (including the pivotal role the Coulston Foundation and its chimps played in this saga), Read more…

Gloria Grow–co-founder of the Fauna Foundation


Gloria Grow–co-founder of the Fauna Foundation, a Canadian animal sanctuary located outside of Montreal that began by rescuing and housing companion and farm animals, and subsequently broadened its efforts to also provide sanctuary for retired chimpanzees who had been used in biomedical research Read more…