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Dr. Marty Becker, Veterinarian and author, most recently of “Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual”


Dr. Marty Becker–veterinarian and longtime presence on “Good Morning, America” and, more recently, a contributor to “The Dr. Oz Show”–discusses a number of the important details and suggestions included in his latest of 20 books, “Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual: Hundreds of Secrets, Surprises, And Solutions For Raising A Happy Healthy Cat.” Read more…

Paula Poundstone, Comedian and Serious Cat Enthusiast


Paula Poundstone — The singular comedian who for much of her 30+ year career has laced her routines with cat tales, often based on observations and misadventures with the sizable flock of felines sharing her home–discusses the current household cat population (16), and how the tally got that high.  Read more…

Dr. Jennifer Conrad, a veterinarian and Director of The Paw Project, which educates the public about the harmful effects of feline declawing


Dr. Jennifer Conrad, a veterinarian and Director of The Paw Project–an organization that seeks to educate the public about the harmful effects of feline declawing, to end the practice of the declaw surgery, and to rehabilitate big cats that have been declawed–discusses the declaw surgery, making it clear that it actually involves amputating parts of the cat’s toes. (The Paw Project recently issued a 34-second video that addresses the fuzzy understanding many people have about declawing cats.)  Read more…

In Memoriam: Otis McGarr


(circa Nov. 1989- Jan. 4, 2006)

Almost fifteen years ago, when I began dating Colleen McGarr, who’s now my wife, she was living with a sleek black cat named Otis.

My first impression of Otis was that he was an irascible cuss. My second impression, too. I mean, if you went to pet him, he might allow it; he might even extend himself to meet your touch. Just as likely, it seemed, he might scratch and bite you. –> READ MORE

Justin Rudd–Canine-centric activist


Justin Rudd, a Long Beach-based canine-centric activist and organizer who oversees a number of animal-oriented events and organizations, discusses the activities and accomplishments of the two chief organizations he founded, Community Action Team (CAT) and Haute Dog–including persuading the City Of Long Beach to approve the Dog Zone, a three-acre area along the beach for, off-leash dogs and their human companions to run & play — as well as the DOG E-Newsletter, a weekly missive e-mailed to 3000+ subscribers, among other topics.  [] Read more…