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Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, veteran veterinarian and comedian


Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald—a veterinarian for 35 years, featured on Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets,” which aired for 11 seasons—recounts his pre-vet, 25-year stint working security for Rolling Stones tours, and how that period ended when Keith Richards urged him to get on with his life, maybe go back to school. Read more…

Panel Discussion About The End Of Ringling


For today’s edition of Talking Animals, I jettisoned the usual format and convened a panel discussion about the end of the Ringling Bros. circus. I was inspired to present the panel because I was struck by the array of reactions in the wake of the announcement by Feld Entertainment that it was shutting down the circus in May. Read more…

Carter Dillard, co-founder of Four Feet Forward


Carter Dillard—the co-founder of Four Feet Forward, a collective of attorneys, accountants, graphic designers, communication specialists who offer their services, pro bono, to help grassroots animal advocacy organizations—recounts the circumstances that spurred him, his sister, Courtney Dillard, and their friend, Adam Sugalski, to create FFF in 2003. Read more…